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Are you looking for birthday party ideas? A Disney princesses’ tea party conjures up thoughts of a fantasy of every little girls dreams. What a better way to celebrate with friends than to dress up as a royal princess from one of your favorite storybook characters and enjoy a day of pretend and fun right at home.

Hosting a tea party can fit any budget. And what better way to introduce table manners, party planning and etiquette to a young princess, than a tea party?

For those of you that are not familiar with all the Disney princesses, I will list them here for you. They are Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana and Princess Rapunzel.

A birthday tea takes planning, so let’s get started. We have decided on the theme; now take time to choose a date a time and how many guests.

A tea party can be small and intimate or if you choose, larger. If this is for very young girls, you may want to include their mothers as well. Plan a time around naps. Two hours is sufficient for a proper tea.

It is important to decide on a color scheme before you plan your invitations. Little girls love pastels shades of pink, purples and blues. Of course, since this will be a tea of a “royal” nature, there must be lots of shine and glitter. Accents of silver, gold, iridescent glitter or fake pearls will be a nice touch.

More on a Disney princesses’ tea party; Little girl birthday party ideas.

The invitations to any party create anticipation and excitement. I enjoy making my own homemade invitations and hand delivering them to my guests. Making special invitations with your princess using some glue and glitter and a computer will teach your daughter the first step in party planning. Don’t forget, if you want everyone to dress as a princess to make sure that you put that on the invitation. If mothers are to accompany their daughters, that should be on the invitation as well.

The benefits of hosting a tea party are that you can prepare everything ahead of time and have a stress free and enjoyable afternoon. I can show you how.

The decorations can be as elaborate or simple as you want them to be. Depending on the age of the princesses attending the tea, will depend on the dishes you chose to use. Some feel more comfortable using paper plates and cups. Others want to use real tea cups, tea pots and plates for the girls to have a true learning experience. Whatever you decide, remember is for the girls to enjoy.

The table is always the main focus of a tea party, and this party is not any different. The table should be covered with a pretty table cloth in the color of you theme. There should be name cards for each princess and their mother if she has been invited.

I love to use a three tiered tea serving piece with decorated cup cakes as a pretty centerpiece for many of my tea parties. A flower centerpiece or a tiara cake on the table with some iridescent glitter will make a very fun centerpiece as well.

The menu for a tea party is finger foods such as crust less tea sandwiches and small treats. I think that how you present the sandwiches is more important than the contents of the sandwich itself. Make it fun and eye appealing and it will be delicious.

A birthday tea party must have some tea party games and activities before the princesses indulge in afternoon tea. I have gotten creative with a few children’s games and just changed them to suit my theme.

Of course a Disney princesses’ tea party must come to an end. It is important to send your little guests off with a party favor that they will have to remember this fantasy day. A miniature tea cup with a tiara shaped cookie or a magic wand that they made as an activity. Little girl birthday party ideas, such as a tea party, will be remembered for a long time.


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